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These will not work in my Gimp. I have them both installed in the plug-in folder. I have the latest Python installed as well as pyobject cairo and pygtk. When Gimp loads I do not see the entry Tools->Batchwork nor do i see an entry named Tools/BatchTools/Watermark . When Gimp loads it goes through the motions of loading everything like brushes and I also see it loading python related items. When I get inside of Gimp I do not see Python Fu next to Script fu nor do I see anything that confirms I have python. Is there any surefire way to know if my python is working correctly or to get the items below or any python script? to show up? I have notepad++ and these are saved as .py files as opposed to .py.txt and that fact is reflected with the python icon instead of a notepad or notepad++ txt icon.

EDIT: I am using WinXP-Gimp2.6.11


When you successfully install Python and then re-install GIMP to activate it, the Filters menu will have a Python-Fu entry with Console option.

Gimp could be loading or initializing the py files but you still may need to assign a path variable to the Python folder.
In XP go to start\control panel\system\ click the advanced tab and select Environment Variables.
Find the Path variable in the variable list and add your path to Pythons DLL, bin ,and lib folders.
You may also want to click new and add a new variable called PythonPath

That could be the entire problem IF the console for Python isn't listed in your Filters menu.

Yes I have already done that. I can't find the page I used for support but it did tell me that a re-install may be necessary. I have done that. I have installed PSPI with no problems. Of course this is apples and oranges. I have installed a tons of drivers after building many a computer from the case up. I am kinda familiar with following instructions and installation procedures. Don't follow one step and all your work could be made useless. Yes I re-installed the program and did not just restart my system. Just saying I did follow the installation procedures. I do appreciate the suggestion. I have already done that.

The latest Python that works for GIMP is 2.6 - if your Python is more recent, then that is the problem.

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