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Script and License Use Question


How do I determine the variation of the CC license that a script or plugin is currently operating under? The plug-in pages do not seem to specify this. On some pages, they simply offer a direct download to the script file so there are no read-me files to look at.

I would like to use some scripts to make some graphics for my company. I do not want to violate anyone's rights in the process/etc, so I want to make sure all is well before I use the plugin.

I also tried to see if some authors can be contacted so I can personally ask them. However, there does not seem to be a way to do this on the user ID's gimp profile.


Most authors put their email contact info inside the code of the plug-ins and scripts. Not all, but most do. You could open them with a text editor and see what the license stipulations are, as most include the license in the code, as well.

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