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Script Fu layer effects download

I tried to install the "layerfx.scm" into my scripts folder in GIMP 2.6. (I am new to GIMP)

No matter what I tried, it is not in the menu. I did a "filters->refresh scripts" and nothing showed up in the bar. I also checked layer and image tabs and nothing in there.....what am I doing wrong ? I saved the "layerfx.scm" file to my scripts folder, yet, the layer properties won't show up. I also closed and restarted GIMP.

Thanks for the assistance and guidance.

I don't know if that one works with 2.6. I have layer-effects-24.scm installed and it works fine. Try downloading and installing that one ( Also, if you're not sure where they are supposed to be in Gimp, open the file with gedit or notepad and scroll down until you find the location.

Thank you nixnine.....I suspect it's incompatible with the newer version....I just downloaded the newest version, thinking that was "better" to do lol.

I'll test out the link you provided.

I found a place that looks interesting, maybe these will be a good work-around for the version 2.6, I'll try these as well:

thanks again :)

The brushes are nice. Be careful not to install too many or it will slow the program down. I have about 600 brushes installed. Startup time is about 45 secs to a min. More brushes will increase that, especially if they are large brushes. I keep the majority of my brushes under 1mb in size.

Yes, I did notice my startup time is slower with the more brushes I add.

I am having trouble getting text on a curve.....I've accomplished the text to path thing, but when I do that, the font I have used, changes to a strange pink outline format, and I am at a loss to make it look the way it should.
I am wondering if I have a buggy download of GIMP ....:/

Some stuff works great, other times, it's wonky....idk. lol I am wondering if I should do the new upgrade ? hhhhmmm.

nixnine, where is the page with updated for now plugin? I found the only working plugin by your link.

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