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A question for RobA.

Hey Rob,

You provided some good help on this thread ( concerning stippling but I need to take it to the next level. PC PMed me a cool site that creates Traveling Salesman plots but I need a way to convert point plots to X,Y coordinates (see link below to the site for Concorde program). Have any thoughts about this. I know that Sourceforge has GRI ( but to compile it for Windows is not an easy task for me; not even sure it will be what I want anyway. Any thoughts?

pertinent links: (can find a link to Concorde too, but also, the direct link is here (

To contact RobA maybe was better a PM

Anyway maybe also from here may come some useful suggestion
to the traveller salesman problem

maybe in software discussion ? or may be a mapmaking request?
anyway you need the xy coordinates of the cities visited by the
TS on a map of a place that has a shape as a smiley, or as Obama
or.whatever...and even better trace its travel path on the map

Expertize of cartographers may be useful

Definitely relates to cartography; got to have a map for the salesman. lol

Not really wanting to join yet another forum PC. Might try to PM if Rob doesn't see this thread. Only reason I posted the request like this is that maybe others might be interested in the art potential of this. :)

but maybe you will make somebody happy, maps for travelling salesman may be a fascinating challenge
And..did you explored the "Automation" section of the software discussion board ?

". Only reason I posted the request like this is that maybe others might be interested in the art potential of this. :)"

i am on something quite close i badly want a Voronoi Stippler
Gimp plugin, or Gmic filter or whatever

I stumbled on that TMS link when hunting for Voronoi Stippler and Hatching codes and algorithms

I used this one quite a lot when I had XP but for some reason I can't get it to open image files now in my XP VM (haven't tried to run it in Win7 nor will I). Required ImageMagick (old version; he tried to explain why on his site; guess I had the old version on my previous OS). Gave pretty cool results too as I recall. Below is something that I did a few years ago with it. :)

Those are pretty interesting!

I know there is a voronoi plugin but it isn't tied to "density" at all, it just randomly created the centroids.

It would be nice for someone to write a plugin to do this as scripting would be too slow.

-Rob A>

There is a Paths to Voronoi (don't know who posted it here, but that's where I got it) that can create sort of a spiderweb like rendition of an object so long as you dotify (is that a word) the object first and then make a path based on dots. Can slow your PC down quite a bit if you have too many dots though. I wouldn't consider this for an application for what you want Rob. Secord's little program is definitely the way to go (can get a Voronoi diagram output as well as the stipple), but when I upgraded to Win7, I couldn't get it to work quite right anymore so sort of gave up for now (I never give up; just taking a break from it all for now). :)

a script may be too slow but looks as something that Mathmap could do without have to go troght the complication to create ( and create a Gui) for a C plugin, but offering a similar speed (and the possibility to "chain" it with other filters )

..except i am not able to transform in a mathmap expression

I posted the links also in the Gmic group since both looks as possible, and good "Artist filters"

Some folk re-implemented Secord's algorithm using C++ and it works. I couldn't get the gpu interface to work, but the cpu works fine. The batch file I used is below (don't have to use the -a parameter unless you want gpu, then the follow then it would be -a g ) . the -t is hte threshold. I chose 1 which is sort of rough. 0.3 gives much better results but I wouldn't use 100000 (10000 maybe better for a quick result) since it can take a long time to render an image especially if you have to use cpu like I have to unfortunately). :)

voronoi -a c -t 1 -s 100000 -I %1 -O %1.svg

I can't believe this, but I found this cool site that outlines the whole kit and kaboodle. Even uses GIMP to create the stipples but also mentions other ways. Again wanted to share and keep this thread as complete as possible. :)

OK; some issues with the python program (non-GIMP program by the way), but I did get it to at least retain the TSP file (i.e. digitize the bitmap) and fed the TSP file into Concorde and then created screen captures and merged in GIMP. Below is a thread that I just posted at GIMPChat with that result (including error that I'm getting). If any Python programmers can help out, I would definitely appreciate it (I stumbled enough through the logic to prevent the TSP file from getting deleted; lol). :)

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