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Brick Wall

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Since the previous script is for an isometric wall, the obvious choice for the next script would be one to automatically generate a wall. I'd written one previously, but this seems as good a time as any to post it!

This script will generate a brick wall with mortar. The wall and mortar can each be any color. The height and width of the bricks, as well as the mortar thickness can also be picked. There are color variations in each brick that you can set manually (the amount that the R, G, B values of each individual will deviate from the "standard" brick color.) The final wall is then bump mapped onto some noise to give it some texture.

The script is under the "/Filters/SambrookJM/" menu in GIMP, although that can be changed by editing the last line of the script to put it wherever you want it to go.

[edit] A few more changes to the script. You can now set the layer mode for the bricks, in case want it to be Overlay, normal, or anything of the other possible modes. The tile size and saturation for the cubism filter used on the mortar can be set. Finally, the "Bevel and Emboss" portion of the layer effects scripts are now included in this script.

[edit #2] I think I fixed the Linux problem. It happened with a (rand 4000000000) statement, which Linux doesn't like (even though Windows does. Go figure...) I changed that, so hopefully this should work on Linux and Windows machines alike.

[edit #3] Fixed an error where the color variation was set to zero giving a divide by zero error. Now that is fixed. Thanks for gerard82 for being a far more diligent tester than I was. :-)

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It now freezes on "gimp-selection-none.

How much of the image gets created before the selection-none freeze occurs? Does it freeze in one of the loops, or at the very end after the entire wall has been drawn but before the bump-mapping?

I've updated the script again, with a few more changes to help the script work. The file size is larger now, but it doesn't need the extra layer effects script to get the beveled mortar. You can also set the amount of RGB noise in the bricks after bump mapping. Maybe one of these changes will help fix the problem???

I made a minor mod to the cubism setting, lowering the saturation and tile size. (At least I think I did). I find that using bump maps works better than bevel and emboss, because when you bump map, you can control the amount of ambience and adjust the "water level". Which in turn gives a better lighting effect on the brick. I also added rgb noise (low amount) to give the brick a porous look.

I love the improvements, Sam, thanks again for your hard work!

I've changed a few things on the script.

I fixed the bottom row bug by making sure there was a selection before using the paint bucket. Good catch on that one, mahvin.

I added in the options to bevel and emboss the mortar layer. I also added a check to make sure that the user has that filter installed, since I didn't have it on my home machine (much to my surprise!)

Excellent suggestion on the cubism filter...I'd tried distressing that selection, but I never could quite get it to look right.

The lower limits for the block and image sizes are also reduced.

The latest version of the script is JMS-Brickwall-1.scm, and shows up as Brick Wall v2.0 under the GIMP menus. Enjoy!

I'll be boring: I prefer the first version of the script for the overall result. We saw more difference in color of the bricks. And the current texture is too "cloud". " However, I like the effects on the mortar layer. This remains a very good script-fu. Thank you for sharing.
In addition, it works with the script-fu to make offset (, so it's cool!! :)

I have the layer effects loaded, so no idea why this is throwing an error.

I had the .py version, not the script-fu.

About cubism, less is more, I use about 1.1 for tile size and 2.2 for saturation. A nice happy medium.

If I use anything other than the default (400 x 400), the color variations only apply to the bottom most row, and all rows above it are the same color.

Works nicely! Have you thought of upgrading any of the features? Including a bumped texture to the brick would be cool.

Setting the bricks layer to overlay, and doing Bevel & Emboss on the mortar layer gives a more textured look. I set the B&E to Inner Bevel and the Direction to Down. Rest default.

I added more noise to give it a porous look, and I sort of fuzzed out the mortar layer with cubism to give the bricks a "chipped" look in random places. It would be cool to have all that automated, but it's not that much more work. Good job!


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