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Trouble using Wacom Bamboo with GIMP

I recently downloaded GIMP and have been learning the ins and outs of the program just tinkering around, mostly with success. However, when I use GIMP in conjunction with my Wacom Bamboo, all my imported brushes are totally dysfunctional- when I select an imported brush, GIMP reverts right back to whatever standard brush I was using last. I can use imported brushes with my mouse just fine, but that is somewhat pointless, as I have no sensitivity in using my mouse. I have seen some people have had similar problems with Wacom in conjunction with GIMP, but nothing exactly like this. Any help would be much appreciated.


Another issue I've been having is with rotating objects. This too, I have tried researching in tutorials, but none of the solutions have worked. I am trying to draw a rectangle and then rotate it, so as to make the rectangle point diagonally upwards. However, when I try to grab the object, all I do is make a new selection. Then, when I try to rotate that, my rectangle does not rotate with it, and the selection immediately disappears afterward. Being unable to do something so simple as rotating a rectangle is extremely frustrating, and making my early experiences with GIMP unpleasant.

Is this related to your tablet woes or something outside of using the tablet? Please specify the steps you are taking, OS you are using, GIMP version, and whether this is a tablet/pen issue.

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