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creating a personal watermark

directions on how to create my on personal watermark for my pictures


Easy way: Create the image or text that you want to use as watermark, save as png, open as layer, adjust transparency to desired level.

How do you create the text? Where do you save it as png? Thanks!

Just add a text layer above the image, change its layer mode to value and lower the layer opacity to suit. It doesn't matter what color the text is. You can make the text as large or small as you want. You can use the character map to help include the Copyright mark - © - etc.

Thanks so much for the reply. I got the first part of what you said, though I am not sure what you meant by changing the layer mode (or how to do that). I also looked for a way to lower the opacity and didn't find a way to do that for what was in the text box.

If you use black or white text (depending on the overall lightness or darkness of your image), you'll only need to adjust the opacity of the text layer to blend. Any other text color would require the value mode in your Layers dialog. See image:

Thanks again for your reply. I have gotten the text box with text in it and I have searched and searched and nowhere do I find a way to change the opacity. I do not have the screens that you show above. I'll do more research! Thanks again.

How kind you are to hang in there with me! Got it!!! Thanks so much!

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