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Error loading PSD file: Unsupported compression mode: 33024

Please help if you can.I have been getting this message for days now when i try to open a certain file.This file used to work flawlessly.What has happened and Gimp wont read it anymore?What has changed?How can i fix this?Please help me as soon as you can because i really need this file.

Thank you.


I haven't seen any reports about a successful recovery from such errors - projects being worked on in GIMP should be saved in the native file format, XCF, and always only be exported to other formats. So I guess you're out of luck here if you haven't got a XCF file of this image.

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I don't think that there is a mechanism to recover the file since there seems to be no tmp working scratch file left behind anywhere, so unless it was saved as some other format for safe keeping, the data is gone. I have had a similar problem myself and dismayed at the off hand comments posted on similar psd issue posts blaming the user for failing to save or using xcf

1) PSD format does seem to save and recover generally so a user has (at least initially) no reason to suspect this is a problem and may actually frequently save the file. It only has to fail on the last save op to screw up hours worth of work (and many previously successful saves)

2) If GIMP saves it GIMP should read it. The fact that Photoshop or PhotoEl can't read a GIMP psd (or vice-versa) is more forgivable given the proprietary nature of psd and format changes that Adobe might implement in their various version releases (although typically a backward compatible export is possible). It doesn't change the fact that if GIMP creates a file (of any format) the user should have reasonable confidence that GIMP will read the file again. If GIMP cannot be sure of this, it should perhaps consider writing a recovery file on save for session files opened on its last session*. I haven't been using GIMP long enough to notice that level of instability for other file formats...but for PSD this definitely appears to be an issue.

3) If file formats such as PSD are problematic upon reading or writing, they should not be under the File/Save menu tree which promotes natural use of the PSD formats, but rather relegated to a File/Export (which doesn't exist under 2.6.11). This would promote working the file in GIMP stable formats and only using PSD for ports, which would be recoverable in the event of failure (since in theory it would promote the use of "safer" formats initially which is what other forum writers suggest after the fact).

Some people (like myself) like using Photoshop, but don't legally or physically have access to it at all the machines that are available for use at any given time so portability is nice. I've seen the posts about psd being an "old" format or not a "standard" but really that's beside the point. If Gimp reads it, it should write it and if it can't do so it should at the very least not make it easy for the user to just work in that format and get caught in the trap of it failing all of a sudden.

*p.s. does GIMP actually have an "autosave" feature? I mention this because it would be in general a nice feature given that, let's face it, free open software is buggy (it comes with the territory). Time flies when you are having fun and frankly memory is cheap. If Gimp did just autosave on a given time frame in native format it might do a world of good.

Zubie (2 psd files lost after repeated use without problems)
GIMP 2.6.11
X11 version XQuartz 2.1.6 (xorg-server 1.4.2-apple33)
OS X 10.5.8 PowerPC G4

The development branch leading to GIMP 2.8 implements the Save & Export specification as shown in the following link:

This will make it harder to have images in non-native formats only.

I had the same problem with a psd file (happens to be the first and only file I have saved using GIMP). In desperation I thought it could be worth a try to open it in Illustrator thinking Illustrator might be less picky with an external format. .. I manged to open it as a flat without layers. When I checked "convert photoshop layers to objects" it responded that there's not enough memory. That might be my laptop. Maybe it works for someone else.

Remember to read the information contained on the website.
It's kind of dirty but auto-saves your workfile every 30 minutes.It will save into a temporary folder and you will have to delete all the extra saved files you do not need after words.

You will find it under File/Activate Autosave.
I am pretty sure you can change the save interval at this line in the code -

def autosave():
backupInterval = 30*60

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