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Im A Beginner And I Downloded Some Brushes And Their Not In Gimp Just In My Documents ,

P.s-Please Help , And I Have 2.6 and A Windows 7 Computer.


move the brushes to your "C:\Users\your_user-name\.gimp-2.6\brushes" folder.

You know what would be cool? A right-click feature that would do things like this automatically. Say, you have a GIMP brush, Pattern, etc., then all you have to do is right-click>move to correct GIMP folder. They should add this feature with every GIMP install mainly for the new folk that don't know all of this. I mean, it's not intuitive to look for a dot GIMP folder in your user account (and in XP, I recall, it was also a hidden folder). Maybe those in the know might want to pass this idea to a GIMP developer that they know. :)

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