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I need help with the photoshop files

such as .pat
how do I overcome it? =/
I cannot open the file
well,I actually need help on how to convert them x.x


GIMP opens .pat files.

Convert them to what?

How are you trying to open them?

Unfortunately PS .pat files are different then GIMP .pat files. Looks like someone has come up with a plugin that converts PS .pat files to another graphical format that can then be used to convert the image to a GIMP .pat file. I don't really see any PS .pat files that I care for. Most folk share there seemless textures as a graphic format anyway. :)

This same person posted on the very thread that offers the PS pat file plug-in.

It seems like a simple problem of installing the plug-in correctly but the OP isn't sharing any details about what they "have" done, versus steps they have taken to get the plug-in working. You know how "assuming" works, I'm sure.

In addition, if they are trying to open the file by clicking on it (like it's an image file) it won't open without being assigned to the appropriate program, which in this case would be GIMP (via Open with - GIMP in the right click menu).

If you scroll down and read comments from Akkana Peck and the following reply from Alec Burgess you'll learn how it works in Linux, but I haven't tried this in Windows. Once I dropped the ps-pat-loader plug-in into my .gimp-2.6/plug-ins folder, and restart GIMP, I can drag and drop the PS pattern file into GIMP and it opens the .pat file (some very OLD PS patterns throw errors when you try to use the Patterns dialog and refresh, but you can still open the patterns by dragging and dropping them into GIMP). Some patterns are compiled into several layers (which I then extract and save as png, jpg, etc.)

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