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Shift.exe problem stops Gimp loading


Just trying to load Gimp for the first time. Install went OK but load freezes at shift.exe.

Should say I still have XP.

Any help appreciated.



Install Process Monitor, log all events that happen during the start of GIMP (you can filter for "gimp" in the path to keep the log small), and make that log accessible.

Process Monitor Download:

That's the second report I see, but so far it's one of those problems that seem to avoid people who got the knowledge and tools to figure them out. Let's hope that the logs help to track it down.

try moving the shift.exe binary to your desktop and relaunch Gimp.
If Gimp runs shut it down and place the plugin shift.exe back in the USER/gimp-2.6/plug-ins folder.
If that doesn't work just keep it out of the directory (place it on the desktop again)
Use Gimp as normal until you get a proper answer for the problem.This will just be a quick fix and you will not have your Filter>Distorts>Shift plugin to use after performing these directions. Basically you can use wind for almost the same function (ragged edges)

I'm having exactly the same problem, but on Windows 7 64-bit. I've been running Gimp on several Windows XP machines with no problems at all, but I recently got a Win 7 64-bit laptop. Gimp installs fine, but on trying to run it, it freezes when querying plugin shift.exe. And by freeze, I mean a serious freeze - the window claims it's "not responding", but I can't open task manager, or indeed any other program (eg the Chrome browser). The only way out of it is to shut down the PC.

I then tried installing Gimp (the latest stable version, 2.6) on my new desktop - also Win 7 64-bit, and got exactly the same issue here too.

Any suggestions (other than "uninstall Win 7 and use Linux", which isn't really a practical option for me!) gratefully received!


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