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Help making a picture into an hourglass shape

Is there a plug in that will take my "photo" which is obviously square and make it morp it into an hourglass shape? The regular transform tools dont seem to do the trick.


Are you talking about retaining some sort of wrap into an hourglass shape, or a distortion morph? I don't know of any wrap ability plug-ins, other than G'MIC's 3D Lathe filter, which you can create an hourglass lathe shape, then include a layer to wrap with the render. It would require tweaking (image resizing) to prevent the layer wrap from pixelating.

For morph distortion into an hourglass shape, the only transformation plug-in that comes to mind is Twist. It's not the greatest morph by any means. (Phi(phi) Cosine mode, setting 8)

Turn your image sideways and use Filter - Distorts - Curve Bend. (Another option)



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