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Looking for a script (another one~)

Hello, I am looking for a plugin that will "suck" the contents of the image into the center of the image, with the image "wrapping" in from the edges, perhaps with the ability to specify the number of framess created. This would be to create an animated effect (GIF) that looks like you are shooting up a tube, when looped. Does something like this exist?
Thanks in advance!


Filters->Distorts->Whirl and Pinch

(change the Whirl Angle to "0")

Thanks for the suggestion. I had tried Whirl and Pinch before posting my question, unfortunately that pulls the layer contents in from the edges, with no wrap around.

A s Saulgood suggested
But to use for animation you will need to install GAP...
(well you may also do manually but would be a PITA)

GAP will add also 2 commands , filter all layer, in Filters, and "Frame Modify"(1 of its option is "apply filter on frames) in a new" Video "menu.

And in the first case you will need first to duplicate the layer how much times needed

In the second case, to use Frame Modify, you have first to create all the frames (but for this look in the Video menu/Duplicate frames, it will speed up )

... Point me in the direction of some good GAP docs/tutorials? I have it installed already but do not know how to use it, other than the few tutorials I've done that call for it. Isuspect that your suggestions will giev me the edge wrapping that I need, but I looked at the commands you specify, but didn't know what to do with them.
Thanks again~

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