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Darken background of the GIMP window

Hi there,

I am using the GIMP for the photography which I do. Since my photography normally involves rather dark images the light background of the gimp-window always annoys my eyes a bit. Is there a way in which I can darken the background of the gimp window a bit so that its easy on my eyes?

I made an example of what I mean which I attached to this message..

Any tips are welcome! :-)

lightVSdark.png140.26 KB

Laws in menu: Edit -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Custom color -> Custom padding

Great! It took me some time to find it, but that was exactly what I was looking for! :-)

You can also download GIMP Themes for Windows:

Hi mahvin,

Thanks for the tip, however, I am not on windows but on Ubuntu. Are there also themes available for me?

Guess I should have looked at your image, huh? ;)

Hello, I recently installed Gimp 2.8 after having uninstalled 2.6 on windows 7-64, when I tried to re-install themes from I get - Gimpthemes -v1.0.exe-system error- program can't start because libatk-1.0-0.dll is missing, try re-install to fix.
Is this to say re-install themes? If so that did not work, and if this refers to the libatk dll I know that I have seen this in program files/user in gimp. Any suggestions? This is all fairly new to me. Thanks.


I too was also having all kinds of .dll errors when trying the Gimp Theme shortcut for GimpTheme v1.0 in Gimp 2.8 version for Windows 7 64bit. I done everything to try and fix the .dll Theme errors.

unzipping with 7zip and archiving with WinRar.

removing .dll file folders from Gimp version 2.0 to a new folder

manualy adding .dll file folders to the Gimp Them archive folder

manualy installing each GimpTheme archive to. Documents/username/gimp 2.8/themes

To no avail...NOTHING worked. I still kept getting the .dll errors when trying to use the GimpTheme v1.0 shorcut. what I did to get the themes to work was. When I had Gimp 2.8 installed I installed Gimp 2.6. So apparently something went wrong from Gimp 2.6 to Gimp 2.8. I reverted back to Gimp 2.6, and installed the GimpTheme v 1.0. Now the themes work in Gimp version 2.6 with no .dll errors. So there may be a bug in Gimp version 2.8 that prevents the themes to work. So try reverting back to Gimp 2.6.

Hard to tell what exactly you did, but I'll assume that you placed a libatk-1.0-0.dll file next to the third-party theme switcher binary? This is usually supposed to work, because the current directory is on the search path by default.

Try to describe what you did, as precisely as possible, the above does only allow guesses.

There is a quick and easy way to get the gimp **2.8** themes without the theme installer or plugin. The link to the video is below, either watch it or follow my instructions. Download the zip file in the comments of the aformentioned video, I myself have checked it and have found no malware/spyware/viruses at all. Once the zip folder has been downloaded, find the folder and open it by double clicking. Then just select or highlight the themes, right click and hit copy, then paste in the folder directory >Program Files>GIMP 2>share>gimp>2.0>themes. You won't be able to preview the themes, but if you open gimp, then go to the edit menu and find the preferences then click on themes (the third option in the left hand column I believe) you will be able to choose your theme and then close the dialogue box, close gimp and open it back up. You will now have a new theme. Super easy, trust me I was a level 1 noob(newb) when I first did this. Link to the video with the download file.

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