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About the Registry

The registry allows

  • authors to list extensions and tips related to The GIMP
  • users to browse through the available content, download source-code and rate/comment the content.
  • editors to help organize and structure the available content, so that it is easier to find.

The site is volunteer-maintained and non-commercial. Content is governed by a creative commons license of the authors choice.

For further information, please see the contact page or check out the forums!

About Me

While the registry is obviously about the plug-in authors, I figured some of you might wonder who's running this thing. So, my name is Ingo Lütkebohle, I'm currently a PhD student in robotics and I've been running the registry, in one form or the other, since 1996 when I was working as a software developer and network engineer. Together with a couple of friends, I still run a server and so can provide a place for the registry to live (which I will do as long as I can and people want me to, so for quite some years to come, probably ;-). I still use The GIMP regularly and now do computer vision for work -- my interest in that is in no small part due to my earlier experiences with the GIMP, so I still have a sweet spot for this tool. I hope you enjoy the Registry!